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April 22, 2016

Hello, my name is…

We’re excited to announce that Thumbs Up, Cancer Down has a new mascot! But here’s the thing… He needs a name. Can you help us? Use the form below to submit your name idea. If the name you submit is selected, you’ll win a sweet Thumbs Up, Cancer Down prize pack!

Please note: If the same name is submitted multiple times and is selected as the winning name, the person who first submitted the name wins the prize pack.

This mascot was made possible by our friends at Signature Home Lending. With Signature’s generous donation, this custom mascot design was fully-funded and made possible without the use of individual donations or other Thumbs Up, Cancer Down funds. We are thankful for their support and would appreciate it if you showed them some love by clicking here to visit their website.

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Thumbs Up, Cancer Down Mascot