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“What happens when you don’t market your organization? … Nothing.”

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down booth at Applebee's

If you don’t invest in marketing for your organization, no one else will. We would like to think all of Thumbs Up, Cancer Down’s success came from word-of-mouth and viral marketing. However, we know that’s not the case. Many hours, day and night, have been devoted to the planning, development, and implementation of the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down movement. It is important to note that Thumbs Up, Cancer Down has no paid employees. Everyone involved, whether on our board or in the community, is a non-paid volunteer.

While a large part of the momentum for Thumbs Up, Cancer Down has generated from buzz on social media, we’ve also had to invest in several tools to help us get the word out there. You’re looking at one of those vehicles right now: this website. We are fortunate to have a marketing professional, graphic artist, and web designer on staff, which helps us keep the costs down immensely, but all the other things associated with running a website are not free. For starters, we pay to maintain the domain. We also have to park this website somewhere, which is called hosting.

The website maintenance can’t cost that much, right?

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down booth at Campout Against Cancer

That’s absolutely correct! We’re thankful for the low cost of running our website. However, we also attend real-life events and maintain community partnerships outside of the Internet.

First we’ll start with the material costs. When attending public events and vendor fairs, we are required to furnish our own booth space. This starts with the pop-up tent, tables, and chairs. But if we left it at just that, it would be boring – and very uncharacteristic of Thumbs Up, Cancer Down! Instead, we’ve opted to deck our space out in our signature orange, grey, and black colors.

We also provide informational materials to let folks know what Thumbs Up, Cancer Down is all about. Sure, print costs are minimal, but they’re still tangible expenses. And, who doesn’t love stopping booth-by-booth to pick up free swag (pens, chip clips, keychains, etc.)? Those things also cost money. Could we do away with these giveaways? Of course. But by handing out these items, we’re spreading the word about Thumbs Up, Cancer Down.

Getting there is half the fun!

Rendering of Thumbs Up, Cancer Down Van

We also pay for the transportation costs to and from these community events. We are incredibly fortunate to have our very own Thumbs Up, Cancer Down van that is used to attend events and transport Power Up Packs. This would not be possible without the generous support from our dear friends at Three-Way Chevrolet Cadillac. They have very generously provided us with this utility van, free of charge, and even covered the cost to add these cool graphics. Please take a moment to visit Three-Way’s website and show them some love by clicking here.

There are also other costs associated with transporting Power Up Packs and attending events, such as gas and insurance. Both are necessary to drive the van around town (legally).

We hope these expense explanations provide a better picture of how donations and profits from product sales are allocated.

83% of each Power Up Pack purchase goes toward purchasing supplies for more Power Up Packs. The remaining 17% of the proceeds funds our marketing efforts and presence at community events.

Cost of Power Up Pack
 (Buy One / Give One Program)
Proceeds That Go Toward
Power Up Pack Development
Proceeds That Go Toward
Marketing and Outreach Efforts